Tuesday, December 9, 2008

butter me up, cause i'm on a roll!

Seriously. Well, not literally. But you know what I mean...

So. Jason's Binary Hat is complete as of Sunday night! I finished it up, wove in the ends, tossed it at him, and hurrah, it fit! He reports that the yarn is not too itchy (as I sorta feared) and that it keeps his ears nice and warm. He also looks very good in that shade of green. Sadly, I don't have any pictures of said finished hat, as he's been using it. I'll try to snap a couple of it tonight when he comes home.

I did make some modifications to this pattern. Instead of just reading the numbers 1-15 in order around the hat, I tweaked it so that it reads 3(.)141592653589793238 instead. Which, really, is just cooler. I also added an extra three cable columns, as well as six rounds to the bottom before beginning the cabling pattern, and another four rounds between the end of the cabling and the start of the decreases.

With that over and done with, I'm back to working on socks as my to-go project. Rina's sock-in-progress is now living in my purse, and I got another couple rounds done while out last night. I will be going to Florida for Jason's brother's graduation, and I hope to get the pair done this weekend. I'm nearly done with the first sock, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the second one will fly off the needles as this one has done.

The BTWNE is close to ending! I don't know how the heck this thing did it, but when I spread it on the floor I had something that was almost blanket sized. wtf, mate!? This things spends a month not growing, and then all of a sudden it's massive?? If I didn't know any better, I'd think this beast is foraging in my stash at night and devouring yarn on its own while I'm not looking. Probably my favorite fancy yarns, too, the bastard.

But I've decided that after another band of each color (9 rows total) it will be big enough to call complete. Right now it's 41.5" x 52" and the three rounds will add 8" in width and length, plus another bit for the border... so 50" x 61" is a pretty good size for a blanket. And thank goodness for that! I did almost three rounds on it yesterday, and if I can keep up that pace I'll be done in no time! And then I can give it away and be done with this monster forever! Bwahahaha!

Also, I have been given an early Christmas present! Many thanks to Kristin for the gorgeous skein of Artyarns Silk Rhapsody! I'm still trying to find a pattern pretty enough to do this yarn justice...

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  1. For reference, the hat contains 4-bit unsigned integers in fixed point notation - the endianness is determined by if you read the integers top-to-bottom (little endian), or vice versa (big endian). 4-bit values are known as nibbles, being half-bytes.

    And the hat is absolutely awesome - I love it!