Thursday, January 1, 2009

end of year stats

So, out of curiosity, I sat down and calculated more or less just how much knitting (and crocheting) I've done this year. Since I don't have all of the FOs with me, I had to estimate a few of the stitch counts on various projects. I also didn't take into account projects or sections of projects I ended up frogging.

So, totals!

FOs - 24

Yardage - 9,978.6

Stitch count - 38,947

I'd also be interested to know just how many hours I've spent playing with yarn this year, but that's something I couldn't even begin to estimate. It's definitely a big number, though.

I'm going to try to keep better track of things this year, just to see how it compares with last year. Of course, I always start out the new year with all sorts of things I've said I'm going to do, and then lose interest a month or so in. Though I think I've been realistic in setting my New Year's Resolutions this year...

1. Try to keep my home a bit more organized. This means keeping on top of cleaning and laundry and such.

2. Keep in closer contact with family and friends. I'm usually pretty bad about talking to people. I think about my family and out-of-town friends almost constantly, but rarely take initiative in keeping up with them. I need to be better about this.

3. Finish more knitting projects than I start! Seriously. This probably won't happen, but I'm going to make a serious stab at it.

4. Be more consistent updating here!

Thanks for reading, all, and I wish you all lots of happiness and luck in the coming year!

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