Thursday, April 30, 2009


Yep, that's right! My impatiens scarf is done done done! Well, not technically done - I'm still blocking it and then I have to weave in my ends. But I'm done with the knitting and that's good enough for me! Here is a pretty, sorta artsy picture that doesn't really show off either the yarn or the stitch pattern, but goshdarnit it's the only one I've been arsed to take so far so I'm tossing it up here anyhow.

Better pictures will follow as soon as I'm done blocking it. Because blocking is magic and makes the stitch pattern stand out rather than looking like a pretty colored garbled mess of yarn. Urgh. Stupid thing won't fit on my blocking board, so I'm forced to block in sections. Should be done by tomorrow, though!

And, because I wrote out a nice neat organized list, I've moved along to STEP TWO of my Master Plan. Just past the cuff on sleeve #2 of my Stripey Sweater of Intimidation. Then just have to knit up the collar and button bands, sew the blasted thing together and find buttons for it. Ya know, no biggie. Should have that done just in time for the weather to be too hot for me to actually use it. Cause that's my luck. Yep.

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