Saturday, September 26, 2009

yes, I know, I suck

I honestly have no idea why I suck so hard at posting in this thing. I really need to be better about it.

But I return with some FO hotness in humble offering as a token of my guilt.

Finally got some pics taken of my River Tam Vest. It came out so much better than I though it would, considering there wasn't a very specific gauge given for it, and the instructions were only step-by-step for the side panels, and more akin to "helpful guidelines" for the rest of it. I took pretty good notes, and plan to type up my instructions for the rest of it at some point. Maybe later today depending on how motivated I am.

Also finished my Desperate Housewife Sweater. I used the Lion Brand Cropped Raglan Sweater pattern with some fairly heavy gauge modifications. But it fits and that's all I care about.

I used Knitpicks HW City Tweed in Lemon Curd, which is a lovely lovely soft smooshy yarn, which, I incidentally found the first time I wore it, also sheds like a white cat on a black couch. I also severely overestimated how much yarn I'd need for this thing. I bought 5 balls, and I used 2 1/2. I'm currently looking for a pattern to make with the rest of this lovely soft warm sheddy yarn.

I'm still working on my Silk Garden Kerchief. I've mostly been using it as a mindless-keep-my-hands-busy-so-my-brain-doesn't-wander-off project for during D&D, so it's only been getting about 4-5 hours of on-and-off attention a week. We'll see how long it takes me to finish the thing. Maybe by Christmas.

I've also started a mystery CAL, and so far, despite my track record of starting shit and losing interest shortly thereafter, I'm actually keeping up to speed on it. The group is on Part 4 and I am (gasp!) also on Part 4!! No pics of that, since it's a mystery. But I am using Fibranatura Yummy in Hawaiian Ocean and I really really like it. The pattern itself is enjoyable, though is pretty intricate and takes a fair bit more concentration than I'm really used to putting into projects lately.

I've got plans for a few more projects I'm going to be starting soonish. After the Silk Garden Kerchief is vanquished into my closet as a wearable garment, I'm going to start another triangle shawl for Rina. I've decided on Dream in Color Smooshy in Some Summer Sky for the yarn. I'm still looking for an awesome pattern for it.

I'm also going to start the pair of socks I've been promising Jason for about a year now, as well as a log cabin blanket in Lion Brand Homespun. The Ripple Afghan I made in it over a year ago has held up really well, but is too narrow for proper snuggling under, so I'm making a big Log Cabin blanket to replace it. I'm slowly stocking up on skeins thanks to Michaels gratuitous dispensing of 50% off coupons every time you make a purchase. It'll be in different shades of blues and greys. And I'll be crocheting it so it'll go fast!

I'm ALSO going to start a top-down hat in some delicious handspun I bought from a local spinner/dyer. Mmmm, check this out..

Seriously, how gorgeous is that??