Sunday, January 24, 2010


I'm knitting a pair of socks from an aran weight yarn. I started them late Friday night and am already at the heel turn on the second sock. (and I've been particularly lazy with knitting this weekend, too!)

I may never knit socks out of fingering weight yarn again.

Erm, at least until I set eyes on something pretty and then just omfg have to have it. Because that pretty much always happens.

Sweater is still in time-out on the mantle. I'm going to tackle it when I'm on the high I'll get after finishing a pair of socks in a weekend. That's the plan. What could go wrong?

Uh, don't answer that.


  1. I guess a huge swooping pterodactyl could rush in and unravel it! But that's reasonably unlikely at this time of year ;)

    I used to make socks from dk, then when I started with fingering I just couldn't cope with the terrible slowness of it all. Gah...

  2. Yeah, pterodactyls don't like the cold so much. One of the few advantages of Pittsburgh in the winter!

  3. Heh. Sounds like my purse that I'm knitting. tinked back several times before I figured it out. And then my needle came apart. So I glued it back together, but now have to wait for it to dry. Fun times