Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I fiiiiinally finished my Quadrat. Finally finally finally. Like, this sucker is blocked, ends are woven in, and EVERYTHING!!

And! Most exciting of all! IT ACTUALLY FITS!!

Now I've started another sweater. Plain, top-down raglan in chunky yarn. After this cabledy madness, I needed something blessedly mindless. This definitely fulfills that. Mmmm, stockinette.

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  1. This looks awesome! Now I really want to pick mine back up (after, what, three months?) and actually work on it. Since I keep on being neurotic about the gauge and choosing a size, I think I might restart it with a provisional cast on from the middle of the chest, and work out towards the sleeves. That way, I can make it just the right body width, and then decide whether I want to make the sleeves longer or shorter (but definitely narrower, probably skipping the lower plaits).