Thursday, August 25, 2011


Wow, I'm really astoundingly awful at maintaining a blog, aren't I?

I need to make up a real post (with pictures!) because I've actually been doing a lot of knitting recently. I just haven't been talking about it. Mostly it's been for Rina's Epic Wedding Shawl Adventure, which so far hasn't actually been much of an adventure at all. Which is good! "Adventures" usually involve lots of swearing and possibly throwing things across the room. So, yes, quiet is good.

I'm making one of the 100th anniversary EZ pi shawls for her, the one that uses the travelling vines pattern and the gull wings pattern with a ring of hearts around the edges. I'm just up to the second repeat of gull wings, so... somewhere between a third and halfway done? I don't know; I tried to run through rough stitch counts in my head but as we all know, I'm awful at math.

I'm pretty pleased with how it's coming out so far. Although, if I had to do it over again I'd probably go up a needle size to make it a bit airier and lacier, but I really can't complain. Of course, it is sort of hard to tell without blocking, because all unblocked lace looks like ass. So I may end up being happy with my needle size. I did swatch for this, but I made this mistake of swatching all the lace patterns together so it mostly looks like a garbled mess, and it's rather hard to judge how the finished shawl will look from that. The Big Day is November 5th, and I'm pretty sure I'll be done by then. I mean, I know how I am with deadlines and all, but I'm making good progress so far and I've got a little over two months. I can do this!

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